Expanded cooperation for Embraer Executive Jets and Lufthansa Technik


Embraer Executive Jets and Lufthansa Technik have recently expanded their existing cooperation in the field of cabin management systems. In the future, the MRO company’s Original Equipment Innovation and Special Aircraft Services branch will supply the central Passenger Service System (PSS) for Embraer’s new Phenom 100EX model.

The PSS integrates several central control functions that allow passengers to adjust comfort features in the Phenom 100EX cabin to their individual preferences.

These include controls for reading, table and cabin lighting, and the regulation of the temperature in the cabin. Illuminated ordinance signs provide safety indications such as ‘Fasten Seat Belts’ and ‘No Smoking’.

Touch-sensitive lavatory light and toilet flush switches complete the system, providing both status and function to passengers. Image: Embraer

The central user interface for all these functions is provided by the Upper Tech Panel (UTP) developed and produced by Lufthansa Technik. Its design features a polycarbonate face with hidden integrated LED lighting and capacitive touch controls.

“Lufthansa Technik’s innovative expertise, combined with Embraer’s Design DNA, comes together to offer customers the exceptional cabin experience they’ve come to expect only on board an Embraer business jet,” said Jay Beever, vice president of design operations at Embraer Executive Jets.

Passenger air vents are integrated in the UTP design and complement the overall cabin design of the Phenom 100EX. Thus, they are building a bridge to the modern cabin operating philosophy of the popular Phenom 300E through the implementation of Embraer’s Design DNA. Image: Embraer

“Together with unprecedented features like the Runway Overrun Awareness and Alerting System, it makes the Phenom 100EX a significant improvement in both passenger experience and safety,” noted Beever.

“Our cabin management system nice – with its elegant design, intuitive user interface and high-quality audio and video performance – has been well received by Embraer’s affluent executive jet customers since its debut on the Phenom 300E,” said Christiane Grude, senior director OEM business units at Lufthansa Technik.

“We are pleased that our partner has now decided to expand the collaboration with us and to incorporate the Upper Tech Panel into the upgrade of the smaller Phenom 100EX. We are proud to be able to deliver real added value to Embraer’s customers,” added Grude.

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