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Praetor 600

Take a virtual tour of the Embraer Praetor 600, a super-midsize business jet that entered…

Explore the Global 6500

Bombardier has created a new video to show off the wide-open living spaces, refined interior design, comfort features, performance and a smooth ride of its Global 6500. With interiors like these, customers surely can’t wait to return to frequent flying

Modular A220 concept

Camber Aviation Management, Kestrel Aviation Management and Pierrejean Vision have partnered to create a modular…

Cessna SkyCourier takes flight

The Cessna SkyCourier, Textron Aviation’s new clean-sheet twin utility turboprop, made its first flight on…

Bombardier’s Pũr Air system

Bombardier’s Pũr Air cabin air purification system features an advanced HEPA filter. Available exclusively on Global aircraft, Bombardier Pũr Air offers both purified and 100% fresh air, delivering cleaner air with better humidity, and quicker heating and cooling than 100% fresh air only systems. Here’s how it works…

Bombardier’s Nuage chaise

Bombardier’s Nuage chaise is a unique four-in-one seating system only available for the Global aircraft. The minimalist design complements the open feeling of the Global cabin, while its functionality provides versatility for passengers

How to disinfect a private jet

With Covid-19 causing disruption to commercial airline operations, private aviation is proving one of the most effective modes of transport. You may get some tips from GlobeAir on making the inflight experience as hygienic as possible, as the operator is implementing thorough cabin sanitisation measures

Happy birthday, A380

The Airbus A380 amazed the world when it took off for the first time on 27 April, 2005. In 2008, Edése Doret Industrial Design took this incredible aircraft to another level with this interior design and livery scheme for a Qatar Head of State A380-800 VIP

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