Modular switch panel system launched by Alto Aviation


A new series of modular switch panels is now available from Alto Aviation. The Cadence Switch System (CSS) provides flexible and customizable switches specifically designed to minimize woodwork and installation costs. They feature discrete logic and no software.

The foundation for the new series is a set of pre-engineered discrete switch modules. These come in sizes from 1‐6 positions, with pre‐defined headphone and other accessory modules including USB charging, HDMI port, Bluetooth interface and ordinance signage. The CSS also features pre‐defined harness configurations and universal overlay options. Dual LED status placement allows for vertical and horizontal orientations within the same assembly. A final configured switch panel may consist of several modules placed together in the same bezel.

Since the overlay is defined independently of the switch module, the switch can be designed for a variety of applications. The overlays may be rotated for vertical or horizontal placement. The trim plate conceals the transitions between the overlays and defines the final switch orientation.

A cover bezel accepts the switch module with overlays and the trim plate and is secured together with screws. The cover bezel allows different style profiles to be accommodated. One of the inherent features of the CSS is its ability to be fit-compatible with former CMS/IFE switch offerings. By defining a cover bezel that fits an existing cutout, Alto may be able to provide a CMS/IFE upgrade solution without changing the woodwork.

The CSS also includes controllers for load and temperature. A programmable eight-channel relay controller provides the load switching logic.

“The fundamental ability of Alto to design custom switches without changing its pre-engineered switch modules provides a tremendous competitive advantage,” said Kevin Hayes, vice president of sales and marketing at the company.

“Alto can easily adapt a cover bezel for a fit-compatible solution to match any cutout, without having to define a completely new switch design. The result is quicker lead times and a lower installation cost alternative, since existing woodwork can be preserved.”

October 12, 2016

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