CMS solutions for legacy GIV and GV jets unveiled by Alto


New CMS upgrade programs are available from Alto Aviation for legacy Gulfstream GIV and GV models. Designed to be budget friendly, direct-fit compatible switch solutions can be used to replace legacy Pacify/Airshow systems.

The upgrades include direct-replacement and fit-compatible solutions designed to preserve wood and furnishings, and to serve all styles, including Micronet round, squared, raised oval button and concave curved sideledge panels.

A modular approach enables customers to pay only for what they need. Alto says the solutions adapt to each customer’s budget, allowing them to retain existing composite bulkhead monitors even with HD sources, or integrate legacy personal monitors if desired.

The company says its solutions make it very easy to remove headphone functionality in the aircraft and replace with blanking plates, repurpose the panels with USB charging and/or add local read-table lighting to the former headphone locations, and eliminating the former PSU panels all within the constraints of the original panel. This design step eliminates nearly 40% of the existing panels.

For situations where headphones are still needed for video viewing, Alto’s scalable headphone system can adapt to the number of seats required. As few as two headphones for personal use can be implemented. The company says this is ideal for arrangements where gaming is desired but not necessarily to be heard over the speakers. Alto’s new Cadence Switch System enables the integration of auxilliary input ports into VIP or entertainment cabinet panels, HDMI ports and USB charging ports – all within the same profile of the former switch cut-out.

“The new 2019 Alto CMS solutions for legacy GIV and GV aircraft allow us to meet the demands of our customers in a very budget friendly, modular approach,” said Kevin Hayes, vice president of sales and marketing at Alto. “We pride ourselves in providing innovative solutions for these interior challenges.”

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