ALTO Aviation introduces new Preconfigured Cadence Switch series


ALTO Aviation, an industry leader in premium cabin audio/entertainment systems, cabin management systems and passenger controls for business aviation, has expanded its Cadence Switch System fit compatible passenger controls line by introducing ALTO’s new Preconfigured Cadence Switch Series.

ALTO Preconfigured Cadence Switch Series is an innovative off-the-shelf cabin passenger switch option that we can supply within two weeks of ordering, and even earlier, becoming the quickest response in passenger controls available in the industry. This series has TSO-C139a and offers a wide variety of options to support your unique aircraft requirements. The main advantage of this series is a fast, no-compromise, budget-friendly installation. Its current inventory of over thirty-four different panels allows a selection of functions as required in each project. The series is well suited for fast and easy Cabin Management System and In-Flight Entertainment upgrades.

ALTO can provide stocked, clear, or black anodised parts for immediate shipment. Custom plating is available and can be supported within two weeks of receipt of plated parts, and offers an array of functions to support your cabin upgrade including HDMI and USB ports, Bluetooth support with pairing and a hard-wired input, support new HD monitor upgrades with built-in High Definition selection and video control, headphone, and entertainment options for enhancing your current IFE. Another set of panels that are included is a Baker DECU direct fit replacement option that offers a variety of customisations, including Bluetooth wireless headphone and USB charging options.

The last feature of this preconfigured Series is ALTO Source Equipment Trim Plate Adapter, designed to fit any single DIN packaged source equipment. We support car stereo head units and obsolete Audio International sources. The source equipment Trim plate is also front-mounted and fit compatible. There’s no need for interior modifications. These options allow Bluetooth audio to replace the former source equipment. In most cases, the existing wiring can be maintained, resulting in a quick and simple update.

ALTO’s new preconfigured Cadence Switch Series is budget-friendly, and we guarantee the fastest lead time in the industry. This series is immediately available, with full ALTO in-house manufacturing that ensures quality and outstanding performance.

“We are excited to offer this off the shelf solution to our industry partners,” said Kevin Hayes, vice president of sales and marketing.” We were challenged to provide quick responses to common designs, so we purposefully defined a complete set of switches with pre-engineered documentation and pre-manufactured hardware. In this way, the work is already done in advance. With the availability of in-stock finishes, we are positioned to support the industry with the fastest lead times, often less than two weeks. This approach allows ALTO to meet drop-in projects with ease.”

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