Constant Aviation completes 30th 96-month inspection of Embraer Legacy 600


Constant Aviation has completed its 30th 96-month inspection on the Embraer Legacy 600 platform. “The 96-month inspection is one of the two most in-depth inspections on the Legacy 600,” said Jim Rady, Embraer program manager at Constant Aviation. “It averages approximately 3,300 man-hours and requires specialized tooling, equipment and knowledge of the airframe to complete successfully. A few key elements of the 96-month include the removal of more than 400 panels and external items, ailerons, flaps and rudder, inspection of interior structures, corrosion inspections, aft tank functionality checks and the replacement of the aft tank bladder, along with replacing the flight control cables.”

“We have been bringing our Legacy 600s to Constant Aviation for years,” said Vincent Menichino, quality control manager for Aircraft Services Group. “Their experience is second to none and I am confident that whatever may come up during our inspections, they have a resolution. Our relationship with Constant goes beyond the service on our aircraft, they truly are family. If you spend any amount of time within their facilities you will immediately see that they treat their customers [as]more than just another aircraft. Jim Rady, Constant’s Embraer program manager, knows the aircraft inside and out. We have called Jim from the field and he is able to walk us through solutions over the phone. Having that level of technical support is one of the many reasons why Constant is our maintenance provider of choice.”

“Constant Aviation is the only Embraer authorized service center to have completed this many 96-month inspections on the Legacy 600,” Rady added . “Constant currently has its 31st 96-month in-house and will have that completed within the next two weeks. We have been a partner of Embraer since 1998 and have accomplished many firsts on their product line. We were the first service center, outside of Embraer, to complete a 41,000ft modification on the airframe. We have also completed two wing changes and four nose changes. One of our goals when we started Constant Aviation was to become industry experts in specific airframes, like we have done with the Embraer Legacy 600.”

August 28, 2015

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