Challenger 350 repainted by Ruag Aviation


Ruag Aviation has repainted a Bombardier Challenger 350. The project was ordered by Windrose Air Jet Charter on behalf of a customer, and involved repainting the brand new jet with a personalized scheme. The partnership between Ruag Aviation and Windrose spans many years.

“Aircraft owners are largely concerned with aircraft resale value,” said Reinhard Imhoff, sales manager for exterior services at Ruag Aviation’s facility in Munich, Germany. “Full repainting and finishing services for aircraft exteriors are necessary for maintenance, durability and value preservation and are performed at set intervals or at the moment of resale.”

Windrose’s customer had a vision for the aircraft, and had selected a designer, who provided a complete design brief, specifying every aspect of the project including optical effects and paint. This vision incorporated elements of fine artwork and bold graphics, which even covered the interior surface of the passenger door.

Ruag Aviation says the success of the project hinged on the precise implementation of the customer’s specifications as well as timely delivery and adherence to budget. Its specialists optimized downtime by recommending alternative Bombardier-certified paint and finishes that wouldn’t compromise quality or the owner’s visual concept. Ruag Aviation says the multi-layer, special-effect paint system, chosen in close collaboration with the design office and the owner, provided the desired opalescent visual effects and cut project time.

Ruag Aviation’s in-house painting consultancy team provided the customer with daily progress reports, which included photographs along with the written documentation.

May 18, 2015

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