First flights for supersonic business jet demonstrator


An unmanned prototype of the S-512 Quiet Supersonic Jet has made its first flights as Spike Aerospace continues toward planned deliveries in 2023. The subsonic, subscale SX-1.2 demonstrator aircraft is being used to test the design and flight controls.

“The SX-1.2 test flights were conducted in a real-world situation and provide significantly more data than wind tunnel tests done in an artificial environment,” said Vik Kachoria, president and CEO at Spike Aerospace. “We were able to test not only handling, but also a range of other considerations.”

SX-1.2 made seven short flights. Adjustments to the aircraft’s center of mass, balance and control surfaces were made between each flight. Following more modifications, further flights will be made in early November 2017. Work has also commenced on the next demonstrator, SX-1.3.

Companies including Siemens, Quartus, Aernnova, Greenpoint and BRPH provided engineering resources and assistance.

Spike Aerospace is targeting early 2021 for the S-512’s first flight. It says the aircraft will accommodate as many as 22 passengers, have a range of 6,200 nautical miles, a Mach 1.6 cruise speed and fly overland without sonic booms.

Images: Spike Aerospace

October 27, 2017

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