Soft furnishings tested against SARS-CoV-2


Seat upholstery specialist MGR Foamtex reported that its antimicrobial MGRSafeWall protection system has been successfully tested against SARS-CoV-2. The system uses Addmaster Biomaster antimicrobial technology.

MGR Foamtex said laboratory testing to ISO 18184 protocols using MGRSafeWall and real aircraft cabin products demonstrated efficacy of 96.8% against SARS-CoV-2. The company added that MGRSafeWall has also excelled in tests for flammability, abrasion and resistance to cleaning agent.

Addmaster, now a wholly owned subsidiary of Polygiene, specialises in antimicrobial technology and hard surfaces. “The aircraft and airline industries are actively working to adapt to the new normal when flying will be frequent again,” said Ulrika Björk, CEO of Polygiene. “MGR Foamtex is one of several new partners supplying antimicrobial materials for aircraft seats, upholstery and interiors to make the cabin as safe as possible. This is an area where Polygiene’s and Addmaster’s antimicrobial solutions will add value and work as a second line of defence in addition to regular cleaning, and we anticipate an increased demand for this kind of functionality going forward.”

“This is truly exciting news for all of us in the industry,” said Jon Rose, managing director of MGR Foamtex. “It is a real game-changer as we believe that this is the first time that real aircraft cabin materials have been tested with actual SARS-CoV-2. MGRSafeWall really is a great product for the current environment and will also keep giving value in the future.”

The MGRSafeWall range of soft furnishings is available for new, upgraded and existing aircraft cabin products. It can be used on both porous and non-porous cabin surfaces, either for new production or as an in-service treatment.

MGR Foamtex first partnered with Addmaster to apply Biomaster antimicrobial technology in the new MGRSafeWall product range in August 2020.

Biomaster technology is designed to reduce microbial load and opportunities for cross-contamination, providing a second line of defence in addition to regular cleaning protocols.

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