New light-fastness solution for transportation textiles


With the launch of Fadex AS New, Archroma is aiming to make transport textiles more resistant to sunlight. The light-fastness solution is aimed at textile manufacturers, and Archroma says it is particularly effective when used as part of the company’s Light Fast Car system with its Dorospers A & K high-light-fast dyes.

Fadex AS New was developed in compliance with the company’s focus on sustainability. The Light Fast Car system, based on Fadex AS New, Dorospers A & K dyes and alkaline buffer Lyocol ELD liq. New, is designed to enable manufacturers to achieve more efficient processing, including a reduction in water and energy consumption, reduced CO2 emissions, shorter processing time, less rewinding and fiber breakage, and optimised and efficient processes.

The company also says FadexAS New allows the tear strength of polyester fibre to be maintained, and that it displays low fogging. It is suitable for exhaust, continuous and printing processes, and especially recommended for the Thermosol dyeing process for seatbelt fabrics.

Fadex AS New and Dorospers A & K dyes can be used with Archroma’s water-repellent, soil-release, antimicrobial, flame-retardant and high abrasion resistance finishes. The company says Fadex AS New meets the requirement of the automotive industry VDA 278 test and is registered under REACH, and that products dyed with the product meet the light-fastness requirements of the rail car and aircraft industries.

“Fadex AS New is the first innovation to be introduced by Archroma’s new Global Competence Center for Automotive and Synthetic Dyeing, which was inaugurated on 6 May 2019,” said Mark Dohmen, head of the facility. “The whole team there is proud to continue the long Archroma history of bringing innovation to textile manufacturers and enhanced function and aesthetics to end users.”

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