Independent Falcon Aircraft Operators Association meeting held


The Independent Falcon Aircraft Operators Association (IFAOA) held its second annual meeting on 26-27 September 2023, in Dallas, Texas. Speakers, sponsors and vendors announced cabin and cockpit upgrades, connectivity solutions, and engine and airframe maintenance services.

Last year, the IFAOA annual meeting welcomed more than 70 owner/operators and flight department members representing more than 60 aircraft. This year, the event welcomed even more attendees representing more than 75 aircraft. IFAOA membership has doubled in the last 12 months, consisting mostly of operators and owners. People flew in from across the USA and from as far away as South Africa to attend the meeting.

“The atmosphere was positive, collaborative and unified around the greatness of Falcon aircraft,” said Sean Lynch, a Dallas-based aviation entrepreneur and group organiser. “Everyone is united around support for their aircraft, whether it be a Falcon 50 or 7X. All our speakers had exciting developments to share about how they’re working to support the fleet.”

IFAOA members learned about SmartSky Networks’ network of towers built to support the fleet with inflight connectivity. It holds a Falcon 900 and a Falcon 2000 STC and other Falcon Jet STCs are in progress. Meanwhile West Star is urging operators to comply with the dry bay modification due in 2026. The company says more than 300 Falcons have yet to comply. Aviation Partners shared improved mission performance data for its winglets. Engine support, interior and avionics upgrades, and maintenance items were also discussed.

“Great content like this keeps our members coming back for more,” said Lynch. “It’s nice for operators to be reminded that they are part of a community and that they have support.”

The IFAOA was founded to create a community for Falcon aircraft owners and operators. With more than 240 members to date, the IFAOA is focused on sharing experiences and providing resources to keep the fleet operating economically for many years to come. IFAOA members operate Falcon 10s, 20s, 50s, 900s, 2000s, 7Xs and 8Xs.

Sponsors for the second annual meeting included Advocate Consulting Legal Group, Aircraft Lighting International, Airtext, Aviation Partners, Axcess Aviation, Duncan Aviation, Engine Assurance Program (EAP), Marklyn Jet Spares, SmartSky Networks, StandardAero, TES, Thornton Aviation and West Star Aviation.

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