COVID-19 leads to big increase in corporate demand at VistaJet


Aiming to provide a suite of flexible travel solutions, VistaJet has launched a new Dynamic Corporate Membership for corporations. The operator also outlined various impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global aviation landscape.

For a start, the company said corporates are increasingly flying entire teams to multiple locations around the world to ensure business continuity. It pointed to a survey by Private Jet Card Comparisons where 31% of respondents noted their companies were expanding their use of private aviation. VistaJet itself has seen a 49% increase in corporate interest globally since the start of the pandemic – with the USA driving the influx, accounting for more than 41% of interest.

VistaJet also pointed to FlightAware stats from September 2020 that reported commercial airline traffic in the USA to be down 50.86% year on year (YOY) in 2020 versus 2019, while business aviation in the USA is much less affected, being down by 14.11% YOY.

The company says technology companies are driving corporate bookings, given the industry’s growth since February 2020 and positive outlook for future growth. Over the same period, VistaJet recorded a rapid growth in demand for long-haul routes: the percentage of flights over five hours increased 44% YOY during the last six months and 11% of VistaJet flights have been more than eight hours long. VistaJet’s most popular flight routes have been between the UK and France, the USA and China, and the UK and Italy over the last six months.

VistaJet noted that corporations’ needs are rapidly changing, and they require 24/7 accessibility and maximum flexibility in their travel requirements, as well as enhanced safety protocols. The company listened to the demands of corporate clients in designing its new Dynamic Corporate Membership.

Features to support the need for speed and flexibility include a one-day membership sign-up process; the option to pay in arrears; unlimited flying hours; and guaranteed availability of additional aircraft so customers can request two aircraft at the same time and either double fly or have aircraft on standby.

To streamline travel logistics, a dedicated VistaJet flight manager can be based in the corporate’s own headquarters. Each company will have a dedicated cabin hostess who only flies on their trips, to reduce COVID-19 exposure.

The operator provides access to 187 countries through a fleet of more than 70 aircraft, with regional flying in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, including domestic flights within India. There is also an integrated carbon reduction and offset option.

“The impact that COVID-19 is having on the availability of commercial flights is clear to see and business aviation is taking up the urgent demand to connect globally,” said Ian Moore, chief commercial officer at VistaJet. “With the Dynamic Corporate Membership, we want to offer companies maximum flexibility with minimum commitment, as we recognise the need for safer and more reliable solutions as companies look to build back their business for the future.”

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