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Alto Aviation has added new app-controlled features to Alto MySound – including optimised VIP Focus and Podcast modes. The company is celebrating 25 years in the business aviation industry.

The company said that using its proprietary seat-centric audio technology, powerful and immersive VIP surround-sound can be realised at any cabin seat, bringing realistic and dynamic surround-sound audio quality with smooth and powerful bass response.

The new VIP Focus customisation allows the selected seat to be placed in the centre of the action. With the touch of a button, a simple Cadence keypad, or a swipe on the Alto cabin control app, the bass from all the subwoofers is digitally focused for maximum sonic impact.

The mid-high speakers are time-aligned and individually equalised for a perfect sweet spot at the passenger’s ears. The speakers behind the VIP seat can provide the surround channels for surround-sound cinema immersion.

Alto MySound also offers VIP Row Surround, optimising the listening experience for the VIP row of seats; a fully tuned stereo mode for the whole cabin; and a new Podcast mode that enables ultimate customisation for passengers.

Alto’s System Master Controller controls the DSP dynamically in the Alto amplifiers to set up custom EQ configurations selected by the passenger. Different sound profiles are achieved with spatially balanced speakers. Alto’s approach allows for retroactively repurposing previous Alto cabin audio systems, adding these new features with minimal changes to the architecture.

Alto MySound with VIP Focus and Podcast mode has been successfully installed in aftermarket Gulfstream, Challenger and Global Express aircraft and selected by non-disclosure OEMs.

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