Satcom Direct activates Ka-band on G650ER managed by Hongkong Jet


A privately owned G650ER managed by Hongkong Jet, a Deer Jet subsidiary, has been fitted with a Jet ConneX Ka-band solution. The system was installed at Gulfstream’s site at Long Beach, California, and activated by Satcom Direct (SD) in early summer 2018. It makes use of Inmarsat’s Global Xpress satellite constellation.

“The principal runs a large, international Chinese conglomerate, so the ability to use voice and text services, download and email documents, and surf the web, are fundamental to his business,” said Mike Walsh, chief commercial officer at Hongkong Jet. “His family often travel with him and they want to stream video, watch favorite TV series and big sporting events. The need to deliver constant, reliable, secure connectivity is essential. With Jet ConneX installed, the cabin is truly a home from home as well as an office in the air.”

The Satcom Direct Router (SDR) delivers connectivity throughout the cabin to all passenger devices. SD says its suite of cybersecurity software solutions – managed by the SDR and supplemented by certified SD experts – will mitigate potential threats proactively and block intrusion attempts in real time.

“The data security offering, the standard of SD global customer service, and the ability to respond 24/7 to resolve potential issues, played a significant part in our decision to appoint them as the Ka-band provider,” said Denzil White, CEO at Hongkong Jet. “Our clients expect us to maintain the aircraft to the highest standards and we rely on SD to meet and exceed those expectations in terms of connectivity.”

“We have supplied connectivity to the G650ER for some time and upgrading to the Jet ConneX offering was a natural next step to fulfill the owner’s growing connectivity needs,” said David Greenhill, SD’s president. “SD is the world’s largest reseller of Jet ConneX and we have exceptional experience in managing, monitoring and delivering the solution. This know-how adds significant value to our customers and ensures we are able to provide enhanced customer support levels, as well as proactive data security.”

The latest Ka-band upgrade bolsters the existing relationship between SD and Hongkong Jet and is the first in a number of confirmed connectivity upgrades SD will supply to the management company’s fleet over the next 12 months.

Pictured: Denzil White, CEO of Hongkong Jet; Nathan Andrews, regional director SD APAC; and Mike Walsh, CCO at Hongkong Jet.

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