Lufthansa Technik Group welcomes 158 new trainees


There are 158 new trainees now beginning programs at Lufthansa Technik Group in Germany, and the selection process for 2019 is also underway.

Lufthansa Technik plans to nearly double the number of training slots it offers in Hamburg and Frankfurt over several years, beginning in 2019. The company says this decision was made on the basis of its economic development and the fact that many employees will soon reach retirement age.

Among the trainees starting in Hamburg are three deaf people, who are part of a project that Lufthansa Technik launched in 2000: every two years, deaf people have the opportunity to become tool mechanics, with the vast majority of graduates going on to work at the company’s workshops in permanent positions.

The percentage of women among the new trainees amounts to 10% this year – 3% lower than the year before and also below the average of the past five years. Lufthansa Technik says it will keep an eye on this development and continue its efforts to win over women to future-oriented technical professions.

Applicants were able to choose between 12 professions and courses of study. There are 78 trainees and dual-program trainees are joining the program in Hamburg this year. Most of the slots are for aircraft mechanics, with specialties in repair technology (12) and engines (12), and trainees in the new profession of electronics technician for devices and systems (22), introduced in 2016. They are joined by 12 tool mechanics, two surface coating technicians and, at Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services, 12 warehouse logistics specialists.

In addition there are new trainees in Hamburg for certain degree-based professions: one practice-oriented aircraft engineer (Bachelor of Engineering), two practice-oriented electrical engineers (Bachelor of Science), two mechanical engineers (Bachelor of Science) and one student of mechatronics (Bachelor of Science). The degree coursework for these programs takes place at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences.

There are 46 new trainees in Frankfurt, including seven aircraft mechanics with a specialty in engine technology, 12 aircraft mechanics specializing in repair technology, 12 aircraft electronics specialists, 13 warehouse logistics specialists (LTLS) and two specialists for forwarding and logistics services (LTLS).

In Arnstadt, 16 aircraft mechanic trainees with a specialty in engine technology will strengthen N3 Engine Overhaul Services’ workforce. In addition three people will begin training as warehouse logistics specialists.

In Alzey, 11 slots have been filled for aircraft mechanic trainees specializing in engine technology. Finally, in Munich, four trainees are beginning at Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services with the goal of becoming specialists in warehouse logistics.

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