New stowage solutions unveiled by MSB Aerospace at NBAA-BACE


A new range of precision engineered stowage solutions has been introduced by MSB Aerospace at NBAA-BACE 2019, held in Las Vegas, Nevada, on 22-24 October 2019.

In response to the growing number of personal digital devices carried on board by passengers and crew, MSB has developed a range of stowage systems to optimise usage and space. These include a new tablet stowage system designed to stow and hold any sized tablet securely via an arm and grip mechanism. The system moves from its stowed position within sideledges or armrests to any specific viewing point as selected by the passenger. When no longer required it slides back into its locked position.

The product was initially developed in conjunction with Gulfstream, which now offers an exclusive version for its G500 and G600 cabins. The standard format, demonstrated during the show on the MSB booth, can be metal-plated and finished to match the design of any mid- or large-size cabin interior. Complementing the tablet holder MSB is working with Rosen Aviation to develop a system that securely stows personal monitors in the sideledge, or larger monitors in a credenza. The designs focus on creating products that operate smoothly, offer numerous viewing heights and angles, yet keep devices secure when not required.

Supporting the commitment to optimising space, and to keep loose items contained, MSB Aerospace has also developed a ‘clutter-cube’. Incorporating customisable magnetic dividers, the cubes can be configured to stow anything from connection cables to bathroom amenities, galley items and other miscellaneous objects in one neat container. They can be configured to be easily swapped in and out to enable operators to tailor to regular passengers’ onboard requests. The honeycomb structure can be sized as needed to fit galleys, storage or luggage compartments, and be finished to emulate the cabin design, personal preference or company branding. The stowage solution will replace the transparent plastic boxes or plastic bags often used for storing sundry items.

MSB says the cube also reduces noise by preventing miscellaneous items from rattling. Softening of sound in the cabin is also supported by a new decorative panel being highlighted by MSB Aerospace. Manufactured from certified high-density foam, the panel features a substrate that MSB says helps dampen sound. The decorative panels can be covered in materials of the owners’ choice, with bespoke patterns, brands and textures. A number of OEMs are already installing decorative panels on bulkheads and MSB anticipates the ability to emulate the cabin soft furnishings will become increasingly popular in the refurbishment and completions sector.

Specified and manufactured at MSB Aerospace in Savannah, Georgia, the products are subsequently design-engineered at MSB Design’s headquarters in Montreal, Canada.

“Even the largest of jet cabins can seem cluttered with monitors, personal devices, cables and general clutter, so we’ve worked hard to design simple but effective solutions that effectively go unnoticed but actually create space,” said Robert Lodge, business development manager at MSB Aerospace. “The tablet and monitor stowage systems provide robust but elegant ways of stowing personal digital devices yet keep them accessible when needed. Just as our popular crystal, cabin and flatware inserts prevent rattling, while keeping valuables safe, so our new customisable stowage cubes have created an elegant but simple system for keeping sundry, loose items organised and safe. The decorative panels soften the environment but also serve to reduce the noise levels. Our products are a bit like winglets; they are not really noticed but make a big difference to the flight experience. We’re excited to present such a variety of new stowage concepts to the NBAA delegates.”

MSB Aerospace works with leading OEMs including Bombardier, Embraer and Gulfstream to provide line-fit stowage solutions. It also works with completion and design centres to create one-of-a-kind stowage solutions.

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