More USB chargers for True Blue Power range


True Blue Power has expanded its range of Max Power USB chargers (TA360 series) with 100W USB-C charging ports.

Engineered with the latest Power Delivery (PD) technology, the new 100W chargers are designed to deliver seven times more power than competing products.

“As new mandates require USB-C compatibility for personal electronics – and tablets and laptops need more and more power to operate – our new 100W chargers fill the gap,” said Matthew Harrah, senior vice president of technology and products for True Blue Power. “And in many cases, they are replacing AC outlets. Now, your device can get all the power it needs by directly plugging into a USB port, without a bulky charging adaptor.”

True Blue Power’s 100W USB chargers supply 5-20V of power at 3-5A for smartphones, tablets, electronic flight bags and headphones. They feature device-driven voltage output, designed to guarantee each device receives the maximum power needed.

All True Blue Power’s USB chargers are TSO-certified and offer a limited lifetime warranty. They are designed to be easy to install and are available in single, dual, illuminated and non-illuminated configurations.

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