Spike Aerospace explores ultrasonic self-cleaning technology with Innovasonic


Spike Aerospace, which is working on the development of a quiet supersonic jet, has teamed up with ultrasonic glass technology specialist Innovasonic to explore potential applications. For example, the technology could have applications for de-icing, wiper-less windshields and cleaning touchscreens.

The self-cleaning technology being developed by Innovasonic is based on the well-known ultrasonic cleaning process but transitioned from a standalone ultrasonic bath to a product in operation: a windshield, lighting enclosure or sensor enclosure. Innovasonic says this became possible thanks to proprietary transparent piezoelectric transducers array design and fabrication technology.

Innovasonic says its PiezoWipe technology has the potential to provide a complete self-cleaning solution – removing contamination and deposits, fog and ice on glass components, sensors and displays. The company expects this active solution to be more reliable, efficient and enduring than current solutions such as wipers and robots, or self-cleaning coatings.

“The strategic partnership with Spike Aerospace gives us an opportunity to develop and deploy our technology in one of the most innovative products on the aerospace market  – a supersonic jet that could fly at twice the speed of other jets,” said Dr Boris Kobrin, founder and CEO at Innovasonic. “We are now well positioned to accelerate development and test our technology in an aerospace environment.”

“The disruptive product we develop – a quiet supersonic jet – requires innovative solutions in a number of areas,” said Vik Kachoria, president and CEO at Spike Aerospace. “Spike Aerospace has chosen Innovasonic for its cutting-edge technology and talented team. This agreement demonstrates our interest in Innovasonic’s technology and capability to move forward with commercialization efforts.”

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