Plasma ionisation air purification system available for Gulfstream aircraft


Gulfstream is making a plasma ionisation air purification system available that it reports has been proven in lab tests to kill pathogens and allergens. The company’s aircraft already feature 100% fresh, never recirculated cabin air.

The plasma ionisation system operates whenever the aircraft’s environmental control system is active, and works by emitting positive and negative oxygen ions that actively seek out and inactivate harmful molecules in the air and on surfaces. Gulfstream says this process neutralises particulate matter – not only bacteria and viruses, but also unpleasant odours from organic material, like cigarette smoke.

Even when running solely on an auxiliary power unit, the system produces thousands of ions throughout the entire aircraft, which Gulfstream says ensures that cabin air remains pure and surfaces are disinfected while aircraft are prepared by pre-flight caterers, cleaning crews and FBO technicians alike.

The technology is available for retrofit on G650/G650ER, G550, G450 and GV models, with additional installation options pending foreign certification. It is standard equipment on N-registered G650 and G650ER aircraft, with G500, G600 and international certifications in development.

“The addition of the plasma ionisation system further enhances the cabin health benefits customers can expect from the signature Gulfstream Cabin Experience,” said Mark Burns, president, Gulfstream. “By adding such a system in tandem with already 100% fresh air and the proven Gulfstream airflow design, customers can fly their families and teams with even more peace of mind.”

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