Vision Systems to show new dimmable helicopter window at the Dubai Airshow


At the Dubai Airshow (to be held on 17-21 November 2019 in Dubai, UAE), Vision Systems plans to exhibit a new dimmable helicopter window designed for solar protection and instant privacy. The company will also display other products in its range of electronically dimmable windows (EDWs), as well as a smart partition and a motorised shade.

With Vision Systems’ EDWs, the opacity of the window – from clear to dark or opaque – can be adjusted to regulate the light, glare and heat entering the aircraft. Using SPD technology, the EDWs allow infinite variable shading and instant response time. They automatically switch to their darkest possible state when unpowered (a backup system turning them clear is available) keeping the interior cooler on the tarmac. They also feature an integrated IR barrier to strengthen heat blockage. Vision Systems says these solutions block more than 99.9% of harmful UV light (even in clear mode). Their fabrication also involves multiple layers of noise-attenuating films to keep the cabin quieter.

Vision Systems says that its EDWs use very thin, lightweight, scratch-resistant composite glass that replaces the dust pane, as light as polycarbonate but thinner, more resistant and delivering superior optical performance. Furthermore, its solutions have no moving parts, to reduce maintenance downtime.

One of the products to be presented at the show is a multi-zone dimmable aircraft window with an integrated control panel. This provides opacity control of a chosen zone directly on the window.

Vision Systems will also exhibit a privacy solution dimming from transparent to opaque white or dark to control both daylight and privacy.

Another solution to be shown at Dubai Airshow is a smart partition combining a dimmable system and an information display based on electroluminescent technology. Whether on windows or dividers, this solution can either be set in transparent or dark mode when no information is displayed, or show short travel information. The background opacity can then adjust automatically to optimise contrast and readability.

The company will also display a new motorised shade for two windows with a dimmable front panel. Vision Systems’ range includes manual and motorised shades for one or two windows, available with single or dual screens, smooth or pleated fabrics.

The shades’ motorisation systems include braking, anti-jamming devices, acoustic insulation, manual unlocking and diagnosis assistance. The synchronisation of the shades can be customised to reach the bottom at the same time, controlled by zone or forming a wave when closing.

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