Smart and dimmable windows to be unveiled by Vision Systems in Hamburg


Vision Systems plans to unveil several new developments at Aircraft Interiors Expo, to be held on April 2-4, 2019, in Hamburg, Germany. The products include a dimmable window with transparent touch panel, a window shade with a dimmable dust panel, and a smart window concept.

In 2018, Vision Systems disclosed a dimmable window and a divider with integrated electroluminescent information. This year it will unveil a smart window concept whereby images and videos can be displayed directly on the window or cabin divider. The background uses a PDLC technology allowing privacy (opaque white or gray) or transparency when nothing is displayed on it.

Meanwhile, the dimmable windows enable passengers to instantly change the opacity of the window from clear to dark. Using an SPD film, they allow variable shading and instant response time. The company says the technology regulates the amount of heat and light entering the cabin. The solutions have no moving parts, and the electronics are fully integrated. Vision Systems says this reduces maintenance costs and downtime and means that installation is often limited to a simple mechanical operation.

One of the latest innovations to be exhibited is a multizone dimmable window with an integrated transparent control panel based on electroluminescent technology. This digital shade provides opacity control of a chosen zone directly on the window.

Other dimmable solutions to be displayed include Nuance Ultra-Dark and Noctis, and for the cockpit, Nuance Smart-Shell, an add-on solution covering the entire side windows.

The company will also display a new motorized shade for two windows with a dimmable front panel, a solution for privacy and blackout.

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