VistaJet expands pet travel programme


Noting that the number of animals carried on board has risen by 86% over the past two years, VistaJet has expanded its VistaPet programme.

VistaJet already has in-house MedAire instructors. Now in addition to training with the British Butler Institute, Norland College and the Wine & Spirit Education Trust, VistaJet’s team of more than 200 cabin hostesses train in all segments of pet first aid.

The training programme includes pet CPR procedures, covering checking circulation, identifying the location of the heart, and optimum ratio of compressions to breath. Another area of training covers recognising the warning signs of choking and the best manoeuvres for the situation.

There is also training on vital signs such as heart rate, varying pulse locations, body temperature, and mucous membrane and capillary refill time to check for circulation and levels of oxygen in the bloodstream; as well as on understanding indications of poisoning from ingested or topical, spider or insect bites, and the best treatment for each.

Additionally, crew members also learn how to read body language, whether that be a friendly dog holding its ears up and with a loosely wagging tail or a fearful dog with ears back and tail tucked; recognising the difference between a rapidly twitching tail and a friendly wag; or the unpredictability of cats, gaining clues from their eyes, ears and whiskers.

“The fast increase in pet adoptions is paired with a habit of having pets as daily companions,” said Matteo Atti, EVP of marketing and innovation at VistaJet. “Rabbits are a recent new type of pet flown by VistaJet, and while dogs continue to make up the majority of animal passengers, the number of cats spiked 357% from 2019 to 2020. It’s important to continually evolve our services to offer best-in-class travel solutions to all our passengers, making them feel safe and cared for at all times. With one in four members flying with pets, VistaJet is dedicated to ensuring dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, and any other guests benefit from the same unparalleled service their owners expect from us.”

VistaJet reported a 53% increase globally in new memberships during the first half of 2021. As customers continue to seek safe havens for the entire family, VistaJet’s Private World collection introduces pet-friendly properties around the globe. At participating Rosewood Hotels & Resorts, pets benefit from tailored menus and exclusive amenities, massages and cabanas.

The VistaPet programme also provides additional solutions for comfort and health, including courses to combat fear of flying. In partnership with The Dog House, pre-flight courses are offered to prepare for a comfortable inflight experience. The four-week training helps dogs overcome the sound of jet engines, air pressure and air turbulence.

VistaPet solutions also include inflight meals created in collaboration with clinical veterinarian Dr Bruce Fogle, and natural flower essences that can be mixed with pets’ drinking water to aid relaxation. During the flight, pets can enjoy handmade Labbvenn sleep mats so they can sit down near their owners in the cabin.

There are also inflight amenity kits. The VistaPet Pochette includes bio-organic, nutritional pet food from Rockster, treats created by Michelin-starred chef Michel Roux for The Dog House, and Kibble Pet’s water-free shampoo and wipes for fur care. For inflight entertainment, there are Furzu rope toys.

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