SkyLights and Allomind merge to propel cinematic VR IFE


Immersive IFE specialist SkyLights has merged with VR headset manufacturer Allomind to offer cinematic VR entertainment for markets including the travel industry.

The new entity, SkyLights Inc., combines SkyLights’ experience in the airline sector, content partnerships and proprietary software with Allomind’s knowledge of optics, nanotechnology and consumer products.

“Allomind’s superior-design hardware has been instrumental in enabling SkyLights to focus on the premium passenger experience first,” said David Dicko, CEO of SkyLights.

“In consolidating our expertise, we are now in the advantageous position to grow VR as IFE and pursue our shared vision of enabling anyone to sit back and enjoy an immersive cinematic experience on demand. Essentially, we have come together to create the ultimate immersive media platform, 30,000ft in the air.”

The partnership between SkyLights and Allomind started in 2017 with the development of Allosky, a standalone cinematic VR system. Having launched Allosky in June 2018, SkyLights turned its focus to commercial expansion with airlines and across other travel markets, including airport lounges, high-speed trains, hotels and cruise ships.

SkyLights and Allomind merge to propel cinematic VR IFE

Credit – SkyLights

“Rapid, lean innovation is what we do best,” said Abhijit Limaye, CEO of Allomind. “With access to a strong marketplace, we will continue to launch even more innovative products and rich experiences that will change the landscape of the travel industry.”

“Alaska Airlines has enjoyed working with the SkyLights team to become the first carrier to bring SkyLights’ new Allosky cinematic VR entertainment to North American airspace,” said David Scotland, manager of inflight entertainment and connectivity at Alaska Airlines.

“We look forward to the enhanced innovation and increased expertise resulting from the newly expanded SkyLights.”

Dicko will lead the new organization, with Limaye as chief product and technology officer. The company will have offices in Silicon Valley, California; and Paris and Toulouse, France.

SkyLights and Allomind merge to propel cinematic VR IFE

Credit – Ingrid Barrentine – Alaska Airlines

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