New ways for passengers to charge PEDs from Astronics AES


Astronics Advanced Electronic Systems (AES) is introducing a wireless charging module and a USB Type C system that allow aircraft passengers to safely charge a bigger variety of PEDs more easily.

The wireless charging module is optimized for aircraft and can be integrated into seats, furniture or galleys. It provides an output of up to 15W in support of quick charging-enabled devices, such as certain smartphones. Astronics says the design ensures a wide placement radius for the PED to receive the charge.

“More than 70 models of smartphones are now enabled with Qi wireless charging,” said Mike Hettich, vice president of cabin electronics at Astronics AES. “As airline passengers carry these devices on board, wireless charging will be an expected amenity. Providing passengers with this cable-free convenience will create a positive experience and help airlines cultivate a loyal customer base. Astronics envisions the WCM as an additional method of charging PEDs along with the existing EmPower products.”

The EmPower system itself has also been expanded to support the emerging standard of USB Type-C charging for the latest generation of PEDs. The new system includes in-seat units and passenger outlets. The in-seat power system supplies up to four aircraft seats with up to 60W of power through USB Type-C outlets. The new outlets are available in a standalone Type-C configuration or in a dual USB Type-C and USB Type-A configuration, which supports both legacy and current PEDs.

“This new charging technology will support the needs of our airline and IFE customers as well as the end users, the passengers,” said Mike Hettich, vice president of cabin electronics at Astronics AES.

“We view this addition to our in-seat power portfolio as a way for customers to futureproof their investment as this system will support passenger device charging requirements for years to come.”

May 2, 2018

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