Individual, headphone-free audio solution in R&D


Jamco and NTT Sonority have unveiled Personalized Sound Zone (PSZ) technology for commercial aircraft. The patented solution is currently in the research and development phase.

The PSZ technology is designed to enable speakers embedded in each headrest to create a sound zone surrounding each passenger’s head area, allowing only the individual passenger to hear audio, without the use of headphones.

The passenger will be able to control the volume and sound settings from the speakers. The technology is designed to contain the sound to the ultimate level, so it doesn’t disturb neighbouring passengers. Unlike with standard wearable devices, the passenger will still hear inflight announcements. Flight attendants will be able to communicate with each passenger without them removing their headphones.

The PSZ is designed to do away with the drawbacks of headphones such as their wires, cleaning and maintenance needs for reuse, and their disposal. Jamco and NTT Sonority promise a “next-generation inflight audio experience”, targeted for launch in 2023.

Jamco is an experienced aircraft interior product supplier and turnkey integrator in the aerospace industry. NTT Sonority is an affiliated organisation of NTT Group, Japan’s largest telecommunications company.

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