Hybrid cloud connectivity solution unveiled by TrueNorth


TrueNorth Avionics has introduced connected.aero, a hybrid cloud solution designed to amplify bandwidth and enhance the inflight connectivity experience to be more like on the ground. “Included with our Optelity Pro Cabin Gateway product, it is designed to take advantage of the bandwidth that’s available while creating a secure, more efficient connection between the aircraft and the service provider,” said Mark van Berkel, CEO at TrueNorth.

A variety of accidental activities can use up bandwidth, causing reduced speeds in the air. Examples include background updates on passenger mobile devices and interruptive content that loads before the desired content. In addition, when an aircraft flies through different satellite coverage areas, the connection can be dropped. TrueNorth says connected.aero brings together a suite of applications to manage the available bandwidth, add efficiencies and prevent dropped connections. Using a hybrid cloud model for delivery, connected.aero is service provider independent and designed specifically for use with the Optelity Pro Cabin Gateway product.

“Mobile devices will continue to evolve at a rapid pace, and only exacerbate the problem of limited bandwidth,” said Stephen Newell, head of business development at TrueNorth. “Optelity Pro with connected.aero will address the challenges of the skinnier pipe, and the constant introduction of new devices. This new service option will support the growing range of satellite connectivity services – regardless of the specific type of link, or service provider.”

TrueNorth says that by putting its applications in the cloud, connected.aero will always be up-to-date and can easily expand with new technology and applications; and that like a virtual private network, the connection is always secure.

June 8, 2016

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