Honeywell launches suite of services to help operators manage satcom usage


Honeywell has unveiled GoDirect Cabin Connectivity, a suite of services and mobile applications designed to help business jet owners and operators manage their satellite communications services and usage via an online portal or mobile device. It is available now through the Apple App Store.

The suite includes the GoDirect Satellite Communications Network and GoDirect Satellite Communications Toolkit, mobile applications designed to help operators monitor and maintain network health, diagnose connection issues and troubleshoot potential solutions for an aircraft’s satellite communications and router hardware. The applications provide network information including configuration data, and can walk operators through the troubleshooting process with email support or visual cues directly on a mobile device.

Also included is GoDirect Routing Software, which manages an aircraft’s available data links and integrates with existing CMS, IFE and wireless systems. Honeywell says that by automatically managing connections between available channels – 3G and 4G LTE, to L-band, to SwiftBroadband, to Ku-band, to Ka-band and back – operators can provide passengers with an uninterrupted service.

The GoDirect Portal and GoDirect Access are also part of the suite. These are web-based services that integrate with Honeywell’s apps to broaden an operator’s control of the cabin, designed to provide visibility into the data consumption of each aircraft in the fleet while employing forecasting tools to understand how passenger and crew behavior affects connectivity cost and budgeting. Operators can manage passenger access and billing methods, including credit card purchases, voucher cards and per-leg billing, to meet the connection and cost requirements of each flight.

Finally, GoDirect Filter gives operators the ability to streamline and prioritize inflight data use to improve speeds.

“Troubleshooting support issues for inflight systems has grown so complex, so it is important that operators can access all the services and support they need from a single provider,” said John Peterson, director, customer and product support, Honeywell Aerospace.

“Managing data consumption is especially important when someone other than the principle is using the aircraft. The new services such as GoDirect Access and GoDirect Portal can easily set data consumption limits to manage costs. The best feature of GoDirect Cabin Connectivity is when the principle is using the aircraft, they can revert back to unrestricted access to data with the click of a button.”

November 10, 2016

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