Honeywell launches new router for business jets


Honeywell Aerospace has released the CNX-250 multifunction router, which enables aircraft to connect to a cellular network on the ground and transition to a satellite connection in flight.

“Passengers worldwide are hungering for better connectivity and expanded services through all phases of flight, and Honeywell is continually developing new solutions to meet this demand,” said Rebecca Sidelinger, senior director of marketing and product management at Honeywell Aerospace.

“In addition to providing consistent inflight wi-fi, the new CNX-250 router means an aircraft doesn’t have to taxi outside the hangar for connectivity when wi-fi is required for ground maintenance operations.”

The CNX-250 router provides cabin network functions including on board wi-fi and telephone systems for passengers’ use in flight. The router improves on the existing CNX-200 and will gradually replace it when its aircraft installation certification is complete.

Honeywell will be working with TrueNorth Avionics to provide CNX-250 to business jet operators around the world. The product will be available through Honeywell’s global network of authorized dealers and service centers.

May 7, 2015

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