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At NBAA-BACE 2022, Alto Aviation, a Green Pledge exhibitor, has been celebrating 25 years of serving the business aviation industry. It has expanded its Alto MySound portfolio with the Alto Soundstage 25th anniversary Special Edition, a seat-centric 6.2 home theatre experience designed to offer powerful cinematic audio.

Controlled by the Alto cabin control app or fit-compatible Cadence keypads, Alto Soundstage 25th anniversary Special Edition is designed to offer immersive sound; and comprises “audiophile-quality” speakers and premium digital amplifiers.

Alto Soundstage 25th anniversary Special Edition uses Alto proprietary advanced digital signal processing (DSP). The company said optimal cabin speaker placement and precise cabin audio tuning using the DSP puts all passengers in the sweet spot, with no need for cumbersome adjustments. Two Alto subwoofers produce an even deeper 40Hz, for solid bass. The company said symphonic, jazz and rock music, as well as action movies and gaming, can be experienced with immersive cinematic quality at any volume level without distortion or strain on the components or the listeners’ ears.

The solution offers balanced immersive 3D digital surround-sound for every seat in the media zone; and six mid-high loudspeakers with two powerful subwoofers. Invisible speakers are designed to immerse listeners in audiophile-quality sound. The company said that distortion-free concert hall sound levels are reached with power to spare thanks to Class-D digital amplifier outputs, Sinewatch distortion elimination, DSP, and dynamic signal compensation. Alto offers an on-site tuning process.

“Alto Soundstage 25th anniversary Special Edition is our way to thank all OEM and aftermarket customers for 25 years of selecting Alto as their trusted partner for premium cabin audio systems,” said Steve Scarlata, VP of engineering/R&D. “Our system is truly unrivalled, achieving over 105dB, equivalent to a rock concert, using less amplifier power; this is accomplished by using proprietary, highly efficient, and light loudspeaker and amplifier technologies. All the energy produces clear, distortion-free audio with no wasted power and heavy components. The focus is on the sound output, not the power input. It’s the ultimate cinematic experience for business aircraft, truly love at first sound.”

Alto Soundstage and Alto Soundstage 25th anniversary Special Edition are already available in selected OEM and aftermarket installations including Gulfstream, Falcon, Citation, Boeing and Challenger aircraft.

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