Touchless technologies and UV disinfection feature in cabin design from Jamco


Jamco has worked with affiliates to develop and produce touchless and hygienic products for aircraft cabins. Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Project Blue Sky initiative seeks to increase cabin cleanliness and passenger comfort.

The Hands-Free Toilet Seat/Lid

The developments include seats, cabin dividers and lavatories, as well as improved disinfection technologies for use throughout the cabin.

The Clean Cabin Divider

One product is the Clean Cabin Divider, a transparent seat divider affixed above the seat, designed to act as a barrier to limit the potential transmission of germs. The Clean Cabin Divider was designed with consideration to passenger visibility and security, cost-effective header design and passenger comfort.

In the lavatory, touchless products including the Hands-Free Toilet Seat/Lid, Hands-Free Waste Flap and Touchless Faucet all minimise contact in high-use areas, and are intended to reduce the possible spread of germs and the need for disinfection.

The Hands-Free Waste Flap

Reporting that UV rays have been proven to destroy the DNA structure of viruses and bacteria, the company is also pursuing the development of UV disinfection technology. Jamco’s UV disinfection concept includes installing new, human-safe UV technology in lavatories, galleys and seating areas to enable disinfection and germ elimination during flight.

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