GAMA supports US industry with Part 23 rule rewrite training


The first in a series of training sessions regarding the US government’s Part 23 rule rewrite has been hosted by GAMA at Boeing’s facility in Seattle, Washington. The new design rules concern aircraft weighing less than 19,000 lb, and with 19 or fewer seats, and come into effect in August 2017.

GAMA says the new approach – with performance-based airworthiness safety rules and consensus standards for compliance – will “allow manufacturers and suppliers of products and technologies for small airplanes to develop and deliver innovative products to their customers more quickly and better leverage new technologies”.

“GAMA is proud to continue championing this industry-changing rule through our training sessions,” said Pete Bunce, president and CEO of GAMA. “They will help ensure the aviation community understands the full and immediate benefits of the new regulatory environment in August, and highlight the possibilities of what could be, if this same type of risk-based international certification rulemaking approach is extended in the future to rotorcraft and transport-category fixed-wing aircraft. It’s a testament to the significance of this rule rewrite that Boeing – which doesn’t currently produce small aircraft – is the host site of our first session.”

The US rule is part of a global effort to standardize certification – EASA finalized its CS-23 rule rewrite in April 2017, and GAMA says other authorities are expected to follow suit. “I can’t think of a more collaborative rulemaking effort,” said Greg Bowles, vice president of global innovation and policy at GAMA, and the person leading the training sessions.

Further training sessions will be held in Dallas, Texas, on April 27 and in Washington, DC, on May 18. The sessions feature the same materials and training experts as those run for the FAA’s workforce. Similar sessions could soon be held in Brazil, Canada, China and Europe.

April 25, 2017

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