EASA approves glass products for aircraft interiors


EASA has issued an STC for the installation of AviationGlass & Technology’s AeroGlass Lens to replace all protective inner window panes in the passenger cabin, as well as its AeroGlass Mirror for lavatory finishes, in a Falcon 900 business jet.

AviationGlass & Technology has also received a Production Organization Approval certificate from EASA, certifying that its production facility in Voorthuizen, the Netherlands, has the required quality system in place permitting it to supply products globally to the aviation industry (in compliance with EASA Part 21G).

To obtain the STC, the AeroGlass Mirror and AeroGlass Lens passed safety tests including the 21 Joules ball impact test, abuse load tests and head impact tests to ensure that the glass can safely withstand forceful contact.

The company says its patented AeroGlass is up to 50% thinner and 25% lighter than traditional polycarbonate products, yet highly robust as well as scratch and UV resistant. It is 99.9% transparent. AeroGlass is available as AeroGlass Mirror, which is suitable for lavatory finishes and other mirror applications; AeroGlass Lens, a scratch-resistant inner window panel; and AeroGlass Interior, for interior doors, bulkheads and kitchen appliances.

“These EASA certifications are significant for the industry as, since 2010, more stringent conditions apply to permit the use of glass inside aircraft cabins. This is the first time any aviation authority has approved the production and installation of such lightweight glass for the interior of an aircraft,” said John Rietveldt, CEO at AviationGlass & Technology. “For us it also represents a solid step forward in the realization of our vision to upgrade aircraft cabin interiors while guaranteeing safety, which remains of paramount importance. Our breakthrough AeroGlass products, available in virtually any size and shape, provide endless possibilities to create the ultimate onboard experience. Business jet owners and commercial line passengers traveling will soon begin to see the difference compared with traditional, polycarbonate or acrylic plastic products through crystal-clear reflections in AeroGlass Mirrors and scratch-free views via AeroGlass Lens for inner window panes.”

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