VR IFE and massage integrated in business seat to create immersive solution


Three companies have combined forces to create a “cinematic” in-seat VR IFE experience, designed to transport passengers to a virtual private jet, beach or yacht, rendered in full HD.

Once there they can recline the seat and have a massage. The solution involves the integration of SkyLights’ Allosky headset and InSeat Solutions’ interactive massage system with Stelia Aerospace’s Opal business seat.

The massage system also has an auto vibration mode that can synchronize vibrations with IFE content – a feature the companies say could make films feel more immersive, or be used in guided meditation, for example.

“We are excited to be partnering with Skylights and InSeat to introduce a new way to experience our high-comfort seats,” said Thierry Kanengieser, vice president, cabin interior, Stelia Aerospace.

“We are constantly looking for ways to introduce new technologies in ways that truly enhance our passengers’ experience, and an in-seat, fully immersive cinematic experience certainly fulfills that desire.”

With dedicated storage space on the seat, the devices do not need to be loaded and offloaded or take up room in the galley.

“Our goal is to make cinematic VR IFE a mainstay in the IFE ecosystem,” said David Dicko, CEO at SkyLights. “Having deployed on more than 5,000 flights, launched our premium Allosky headset and established a solid base of content and logistics partners, we are now delighted to be taking another stride toward that goal.”

The solution is planned as a linefit product, but SkyLights entertainment can also be integrated into existing seats and certified on a fleet-by-fleet basis.

VR IFE and massage integrated in business seat to create immersive solution

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