New wire fault tester from Astronics Test Systems


Astronics Test Systems has unveiled a wire fault tester designed to detect existing and potential wire faults, to extend the life of aircraft, ships, ground vehicles, and other high-vibration equipment.

The ATS-6100 WFT is a handheld, self-contained tablet – part of a line of portable, software-defined test solutions offered by the company. It is designed for both soft (intermittent) and hard fault detection, eliminating the need to replace equipment as a result of misdiagnosis or ‘no fault found’ results.

Astronics Test Systems describes it as a “future-supportable platform” with all the hardware and software to enable comprehensive verification testing and fault detection and isolation of metallic wiring.

“Our core mission is to ensure optimal performance of critical systems and protect lives, as evidenced in our new, revolutionary solution for wire fault testing,” said Brian Price, executive vice president at Astronics Test Systems.

“The ATS-6100 WFT eliminates guesswork, delivering the perfect balance of voltage and energy for precise fault location and easy repair. We are excited to help customers maximize the ROI of aging equipment and minimize unnecessary spending.”

The equipment enables single-ended application, so there is no need to terminate the opposite end of the cable.

Astronics Test Systems says the ATS-6100 WFT works through patented low energy, high voltage (LEHV) and spread spectrum time domain reflectometer (SSTDR) technologies.

The equipment’s software-based design enables the testing of both current and future metallic conductor wiring within system cables and harnesses.

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