New AeroGlass Mirror replaces plastic mirrors of any thickness, without weight penalty


The new AeroGlass Mirror from AviationGlass & Technology (AGT) can be used to replace plastic mirrors of all thicknesses and sizes. AGT says AeroGlass Mirror is 0.95mm (0.037in) thick, and up to 43% lighter than a 3mm (0.118in)-thick plastic mirror. The difference in thickness has presented a retrofit challenge in the past, leading AGT to develop a stacked version of the AeroGlass Mirror – One Mirror Fits All. The mirror is backed with a foam layer so it equals the thickness of the mirror being replaced, and the assembly is affixed using the same mounting system.

As well as the lighter weight of the mirror, AGT says its mirrors have smooth rims, so there is no need for aluminum trim, which could save 4kg (8.8 lb) on a Boeing 777. The mirrors can be implemented with recessed edges and various finishing trims, as well as integrated signs and light strips. AGT says the new product has passed impact, burn and heat release tests and can be delivered with an EASA Form 1 or Certificate of Conformity.

“Thanks to the easy installation technique, scratched plastic mirrors and unsightly trims can be replaced with smooth glass edges and crystal-clear reflections in a matter of minutes,” said John Rietveldt, CEO at AGT. “Decorative elements and lighting specifications can be replicated or tailor-made on demand, meaning that each AeroGlass Mirror is a perfect fit.”

December 7, 2017

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