STAG’s enhanced RFID tag/Kanban supply chain solution


Supply chain specialist Spectech France, part of the STAG Aerospace Group, has enhanced its line-side RFID tag/Kanban inventory control system. First launched in 2010 under the brand name TagBin, the system was designed to improve stock forecasting and parts management in the aerospace industry.

The enhanced RFID tagging/Kanban system, now called TagBin Live, incorporates a live data feed. Spectech reports that the addition of the live data feed from the RFID technology replaces the need to have supplier personnel on customer sites and enables a true Kanban system tracked in real-time.

Combined with the company’s forecasting tool, which was developed in-house, and Kanban Live software managing data, Spectech says it can demonstrate real-time production tracking and maximize the use of component storage. The company says all the conventional manual steps normally associated with Kanban systems run via purchasing departments are removed.

“The STAG Group service philosophy uses a consultancy project team approach, which concentrates on developing close relationships linking suppliers and customers worldwide,” said Chris Osborne, director of operations at Spectech France. “This partnership approach results in bespoke supply chain solutions which include a blend of interlinked inventory control techniques.”

The addition of real-time information from RFID tags on trackside component bins, and the enhancement of Kanban software, provides demand forecasting for 100,000 plus lines and the ability to generate purchasing schedules on a daily or weekly basis.

May 15, 2015

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