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New Hampshire has become the first state in the USA to create a legal framework for the registration, inspection and plating of roadable aircraft (flying cars) – paving the way for this new form of transportation to take to the roads. HB1182 was signed into law by Governor Sununu on 24 July 2020.

The bill, which enjoyed broad bi-partisan support from legislators, was spearheaded by members of the New Hampshire House and Senate Transportation Committees. Three leading manufacturers in the roadable aircraft sector – PAL-V, Samson Sky and Terrafugia – joined forces to attend committee meetings, meet with legislators and policymakers, and provide expertise and current practical solutions to registering and inspecting roadable aircraft in the state.

“We are thrilled that Governor Sununu has signed HB1182 into law, making New Hampshire the first state in the country to create a legal framework that will allow flying car purchasers to register their vehicle and legally drive on roads to and from airports in the state,” said Kevin Colburn, vice president and general manager of Terrafugia. “We look forward to continuing our work with New Hampshire to implement this important legislation and grow our industry.”

Terrafugia’s Transition roadable aircraft

“We want to express our gratitude to the legislators and policymakers who worked so hard to make this happen,” said Keith Ammon, New Hampshire distributor for PAL-V. “This move by New Hampshire is certainly a significant step forward for the roadable aircraft industry. The regulatory framework established here will help both the public and government organisations around the world understand what the real practical application is for roadable aircraft.”

“New Hampshire’s bold action sets an example others can follow throughout the USA and globally, establishing a regulatory environment that will now allow residents the seamless opportunity to depart from a local airport and actually arrive at the closest airport to their destination with a built-in, last-mile solution,” said Sam Bousfield, founder and CEO of Samson Sky.

PAL-V and Terrafugia, each of which has established a physical presence in New Hampshire, along with Samson Sky, look forward to hosting a vehicle demonstration event in the Granite State soon, to celebrate the signing of HB1182. The three companies are working with clients from initial inquiries through full sales contracts. They expect to see initial customers registering their vehicles and pilots freely navigating the roads and skies of New Hampshire and beyond within the next few years.

Samson Sky’s Switchblade roadable aircraft

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