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Falcon design

Caroline Larmaraud, the leader of Dassault’s Design Studio in Paris, France, discusses the making of the Falcon 2000LXS demo aircraft, and what unites Falcon customers

Reducing rework

Ian Buchanan of OFPSI discusses the causes and costs of rework to aircraft interior components

Commercial influence

While private and commercial aircraft interiors have historically been very different in their approach to service, layout and design, the divide is blurring, contends Anthony Harcup of Acumen Design Associates


Mark van Berkel, CEO at TrueNorth Avionics, discusses the impact of PEDs on IFE

Comlux in Bahrain

Arnaud Martin, executive vice president of Comlux The Aviation Group, explains why the company is teaming up with Texel Air to offer line maintenance, cabin upgrades and refurbishment services in the Middle East

Design trends

Catherine Barber, color, material and finish consultant at Acumen Design Associates, discusses the overlap between VIP and commercial aircraft design, and highlights her favorite trends

Hi-lo tables

Shannon Gill, director of business development at MSB, discusses what customers expect from business jet tables

3D projection

Tom Toomey, business development director at PacMin, explains how the model-builder is harnessing 3D projection technology in collaboration with Blue Sky CGI


Max Pardo, co-founder and managing director of LightBox, reflects on trends in 3D visualization

Veta Traxler

Introducing Veta Traxler, West Star Aviation’s new paint and interior designer

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