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F/List is introducing three new surface finishes for business jet interiors – Pure Metal, Fresco Décor and Glass Wood Veneer. All the new finishes are certifiable for aviation use, and available immediately.

The sleek Pure Metal Finish employs genuine metals and alloys to produce striking patterns and textures on virtually any surface type and structural shape. Four surface finishes – smooth veneer, fine stippled, coarse stippled and brushed – are currently available in copper, tin, bronze and brass. F/List said that Pure Metal Finish weighs 20% less than conventional metal finishes.

Meanwhile the Fresco Décor finish delivers embossed, 3D surfaces to normally one-dimensional areas, introducing organic shapes and forms to bulkheads, furniture fronts or sidewalls. Ultraleather, Ultrasuede or other specified soft materials are fashioned into different shapes, with embossing depths of up to 4mm, to create subtle light and shadow effects. The material also has acoustic-dampening properties.

Finally, Glass Wood Veneer adds an ultra-deep gloss sheen to real wood veneers by layering Aviationglass onto flat surfaces in the galley or wet areas. The range enables tailored inlays or graphical highlights to be applied on defined surfaces: segments can be customised with layers of the mirrors to represent corporate logos or other images. As interiors become more technology-focused, Glass Wood Veneer also incorporates interactive technologies to optimise cabin functionality.

With the launch of these new finishes F/List is expanding its product portfolio to evolve cabin design possibilities. The organic nature of each product supports the creation of dynamic movement and provides the opportunity to add another dimension to interior configurations.

“We anticipate that these stunning new options will inspire aviation designers, OEMs and completion centres to think even more creatively about interior styling,” said Anita Gradwohl, group director of customer relations and sales at F/List. “Cabins now represent offices, leisure areas, conference rooms and homes, often all in one flight, which is why we want to provide our customers with new ways of enhancing them. Interiors are also becoming a significant factor in purchasing decisions and we remain committed to helping our customers make their offerings stand out.”

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