Starling Aerospace launches role-change products


Starling Aerospace interiors (SAi), an aircraft interior outfitting company, has launched a role-change solution to enable operators to upgrade a section of the aircraft cabin to accommodate VIP and head-of-state passengers without changing the commercial integrity of the aircraft.

The state room/role-change kit replaces three rows of first-class seats or six rows of economy seats. The new set of bulkheads and monuments are attached into known structural hardpoints wherever possible, and where not the attachments are hidden when the kit is not in use.

STC certification for installation into the aircraft is provided by Starling Aerospace’s in-house design team. SAi can design, build and certify the kits in-house and then ship them to the MRO of the operator’s choice for installation. SAi says it will then oversee this process to ensure that the kit is installed correctly to the approved data and customer specifications.

The company says the time frame for a project of this nature would typically be 6-9 months for planning, production, approvals and logistics. The aircraft downtime would be in the region of 6-8 weeks, which can be scheduled for an aircraft’s heavy maintenance check. The kit can be removed to enable the airline to respond to market demand.

The latest products to be developed and added to SAi’s range of adaptable interior components are a 16g divan and a track-and-swivel seat for VIP and business class, which SAi says offers infinite seating configurations. These products are currently undergoing final design and approvals.

Other new role-change products include a hi-lo table, which can be finished in real wood veneer, an aqua transfer print finish or a laminate finish. For use as custom built tops for club four, club two or divan hi-lo tables, the product is released on EASA 21G Form 1.

SAi has also developed berthable and fixed divans, which are available with customized foam styling, upholstery and end arm storage units. The company also designs, builds and finishes bulkheads and special-purpose monuments to meet customers’ requirements.

April 17, 2015

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