New CFT training courses use Onjet cabin trainer


A new programme of business aviation training courses has been launched by Corporate Flight Training, making use of a dedicated business aviation mockup in the UK.

Corporate Flight Training is forging ahead with the expansion of its business aviation training programmes using the Onjet cabin trainer. CFT’s newly launched Cabin Emergency Training (CET) is a practical emergency procedures course specifically developed for business aviation crew members. CET focuses on the management of emergency situations, passenger coordination and the command of business jet specific emergency drills in real time.

Onjet training also includes CFT’s award-winning VIP Flight Attendant training programme, where delegates will now experience two full days of training on board with extensive training in-situ that cumulates with an assessed mock trial flight. It also offers the opportunity for operators to send their flight attendants for bespoke service training, which can be conducted in the cabin trainer.

Using the dedicated business jet cabin trainer, CFT can deliver immersive business aviation training courses ranging from safety to service. The cabin can be used as a representative training device with a fully operable main cabin door over-wing exit training, pilot incapacitation drills and it fully meets the requirements of a representative training device for aircrew initial security training.

“It’s been our goal at CFT to enhance our clients’ training experience by delivering fully practical training to prepare them for all eventualities; being able to deliver training in a realistic environment is vital,” said Yasmin Milner head of training at CFT. “We are now able to offer so much more to our clients and we are really delighted about the scope and direction of training courses we can deliver with Onjet.”

Image: Tracy Lundgren from Pixabay

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