Yasava reveals carbon-offset cabin design


Swiss design firm Yasava Solutions has unveiled what it believes to be the first carbon-neutral cabin solution for large-cabin business aircraft. Based on the company’s Astral design, Zen will use a programme called Oxï-Zen to offset emissions. In addition, the design includes a selection of materials from verified sustainable sources, plus new options for recycled and “technologically advanced” natural materials.

The Zen cabin features the AïanaWave anti-gravitational support system, and can be customised to reflect a client’s lifestyle. For the first time, this includes customised large OLED displays, which can enable immersive experiences in settings defined by the client.

With Zen, the entire supply chain would be subject to the monitoring of carbon footprints. Criteria for the selection of completion centres will include a projected environmental impact assessment, and the monitoring of the carbon footprint during the entire completion process. Zen’s net carbon footprint will be assessed, reviewed through third-party auditors and subsequently offset through Oxï-Zen, a blockchain-powered global platform that will be launched in Switzerland later in 2019. Yasava is among the first emitters to select Oxï-Zen to balance its carbon footprint through natural terrestrial and marine carbon sinks.

The Oxï-Zen platform uses hyperledger and blockchain technology for the transparent monitoring and absorption of CO2. The solution enables greenhouse gas emitters to identify and directly transact with audited, approved CO2 converters. The latter group’s CO2 absorption capacities are assessed using peer-reviewed global metrics. These metrics were developed with a global network of scientists and research facilities, using satellite, terrestrial and marine databases, and implementing advanced algorithms through artificial intelligence. Oxï-Zen can be used by any company wishing to offset their carbon footprint.

“Zen raises the bar as the first 21st century cabin solution that not only reflects a client’s unique DNA, but equally important, sets a new standard with a zero-carbon footprint through Oxï-Zen,” said Christopher Mbanefo, founder and CEO of Yasava. “We are excited to offer our clients unique, beautiful, clean and sustainable solutions through Oxï-Zen, that enables them to meet their environment, social and governance goals and requirements. By shifting the paradigm beyond business as usual, we have the means to secure our childrens’ future, through our activities today.”

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