Dassault Systèmes launches Passenger Experience


Dassault Systèmes has launched new technology Passenger Experience, based on its 3DExperience platform.

Passenger Experience uses 3D visualization technology and interactive content to transform engineering data into visual 3D design, marketing and sales applications designed to address all aspects of the cabin design experience – from initial customer interaction and design validation and verification, through to marketing campaigns.

Passenger Experience is designed to automate cabin completion processes and personalize cabin buying and marketing. The company says that intelligent ‘building blocks’ capture rules, regulations, and manufacturing knowledge to automate cabin interior design, development and delivery.

Real-time cabin configuration and immersive cabin validation capabilities are designed to enable quick turnaround time on design configurations, reduce engineering changes and ensure that the final product meets expectations before a physical prototype is created.

Different forms of training and visualization content, including web-based courseware, interactive game-based training and fully immersive 3D visualization, are designed to increase training efficiency and minimize time out of the field for cabin crew and aircraft on the ground.

The company also says the 3D data provides marketing teams with high-end images and videos to promote cabin designs, which can be adapted quickly for a wide range of marketing purposes, digital channels and devices.

“Allowing aircraft customers to experience their choices as they make them, to appreciate the beauty, effect, practicality, feasibility, cost and benefit in real time as they make these choices, is a key goal for Passenger Experience,” said Michel Tellier, vice president, aerospace and defense industry, Dassault Systèmes.

“There is a competitive advantage in bringing maximum harmony between the interior while it is being specified and what will be delivered, and ultimately marketed, to the private or commercial passenger.”

June 12, 2015

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