Pentastar Aviation completes first SmartSky 4G LTE installation


A SmartSky Networks 4G LTE inflight connectivity system has been installed for the first time in a customer’s aircraft, by Pentastar Aviation. An Approved Model List (AML) STC was developed for the project, so the system can now be used on Gulfstream GIV-X and GV-SP aircraft.

“We are excited to partner with SmartSky on this pioneering program,” said Jesse Beard, director of engineering and inside sales at Pentastar Aviation. “The project was completed on schedule and allowed our customer to have the first aircraft equipped to fly on the SmartSky 4G LTE air-to-ground network.”

SmartSky’s system uses patented 4G LTE beamforming technology. Users can access virtual private networks (VPN), send and receive email with large attachments, and simultaneously call, text and stream video on wi-fi-enabled devices. Designed for low latency, the network enables applications such as video chatting, time-sensitive data transfers, corporate cloud use, and multiplayer live gaming.

“Pentastar Aviation is the first of our world-class partners to certify a SmartSky installation on a customer’s business jet, and we could not be more pleased,” said Nancy Walker, chief commercial officer at SmartSky.

“They were meticulous in every detail of the process in securing the STC. We look forward to delighting their customers with a 4G LTE inflight experience as Pentastar installs many more of our systems, in the near-term and for many years to come.”

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