Gogo launches hourly rates for turboprop and light jet sectors


Turboprop and light jet operators can now choose hourly pricing plans for Gogo’s inflight connectivity service. There is no need to buy blocks of hours and no minimum monthly fee. After paying for the first hour, customers then pay only for what they use and incur fees only when the service is utilized. Two service plans will be available from July 15, 2016: the ATG 1000 at US$39 per hour; and the ATG 2000 at US$99 per hour.

Via the Gogo Biz network, the ATG 1000 enables email with attachments, voice and text service. Passengers can use their own smartphones and mobile numbers via the included Gogo Text & Talk capability. Up to five personal wi-fi devices – including smartphones, tablets and laptops – can be connected simultaneously.

Select cockpit and operational applications can be used with the ATG 1000 system through Gogo’s partnerships with app providers FlightAware, ForeFlight, Honeywell and WSI Corporation. Pilots can receive continuously updated flight information and decision-support tools. The ATG 1000 is also compatible with the Gogo OnePhone cabin handset. A complete ATG 1000 equipment package is available for US$35,000 MSRP, excluding installation and certification costs.

The ATG 1000 system’s software can be upgraded to add connectivity features, including web browsing, at any time.

Meanwhile, the ATG 2000 delivers internet connectivity to enable web browsing and email, as well as most apps. Gogo’s Text & Talk is available as an additional option. The MSRP for a complete ATG 2000 equipment package is US$47,300, excluding installation and certification costs.

“The predictability and affordability of these plans make it easy for owners and operators to budget for in-cabin connectivity services using the Gogo ATG 1000 or ATG 2000 systems,” said John Wade, Gogo Business Aviation’s executive vice president and general manager. “This fundamentally changes the pricing structure for adding connectivity on light jets and turboprops.”

April 21, 2016

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