Cobham announces FANS upgrade for business jets


Cobham can now offer a new upgrade option designed to bring the benefits of Inmarsat’s SB-S technology platform and FANS 1/A compliance to business jets.

The solution was enabled by the development of an STC on a Falcon 900 owned by Chicago Jet Group (CJG). This joint Cobham and CJG initiative will allow operators to fly preferred FANS routes with CPDLC and ADS-C functionality, while also providing high-speed data services for passengers.

This connectivity can all be accomplished through a single channel of SwiftBroadband, thanks to a combination of Cobham’s Next Gen Aviator 300D satcom system and partner Avionica’s avWiFi intelligent router. The revised STC will initially cover the Falcon 900 B/C/EX series with the potential for development on other airframes.

“As the only SB-S approved system currently flying, our Aviator satcom products are already allowing airlines to operate FANS routes over SwiftBroadband, so it’s exciting to bring this technology to the business jet market,” said Scott Beutel, regional director of satcom aero at Cobham. “Like the airlines, business jet owners are embracing the concept of a fully connected flight deck as it will provide them with a new level of improved operations which will translate into an improved financial bottom line. There is a compelling advantage to upgrading communications equipment on board your aircraft, so we are pleased to work with our partners CJG and Avionica to enable an easy and cost-effective solution that ensures our Next Gen Aviator 300D and 350D systems are available to more customers.”

“When Cobham approached us about the Aviator 300D and Avionica avWiFi package, we were very excited to work with them and develop an STC to bring this cost-effective cockpit and cabin connectivity solution to our customer base,” said Mike Mitera, president of CJG. “Chicago Jet Group has been leading the way in researching FANS solutions and securing approvals for multiple retrofit FANS STCs so that we can equip operators to meet global navigation mandates. In addition to supporting FANS capability, this innovative solution will also provide voice and data connectivity to the cabin, enabling passengers to stay connected globally during all phases of flight.”

Cobham says that with its fuselage-mounted intermediate gain antenna, the Aviator 300D provides a connectivity option to operators at a price point well below historical solutions and offers more connectivity flexibility than other systems. In addition, Cobham offers a number of other solutions for customers requiring higher bandwidth: the Cobham 350D system, which is type-certified with antennas including Cobham’s HGA-6000 series and HGA-7001, or Honeywell’s AMT-50 and AMT-700.

Cobham is offering a 15% discount on its Aviator 300D and 350D systems for orders placed at EBACE 2018, be held in Geneva, Switzerland, on May 29-31.

May 25, 2018

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