Cadence aftermarket installation milestone for Alto Aviation


Alto Aviation’s Cadence cabin management solutions have surpassed 525 aftermarket installations. They are installed in a wide variety of business jets, including Boeing, Bombardier, Citation, Falcon and Gulfstream types.

Alto Cadence cabin control upgrades include direct replacement of legacy Airshow, Audio International, Baker Electronics and Pacific Systems passenger controls, eliminating woodwork by fitting the new panels in the existing cutouts.

Most of the installations have been performed by Aviation Completion Innovations; Banyan; CE Avionics; Clay Lacy; Duncan Aviation; Flightstar; Flying Colours; Gulfstream; Jet Aviation; King Aerospace; New United Goderich; New World Aviation; Pro Star Aviation; Standard Aero; South Aircraft Interiors; Stevens Aerospace; Superior Avionics; Thorton Aviation; Trine Aerospace; West Star Aviation; Western Aircraft; Western Airways; and Western Jet Aviation.

Alto Cadence CMS offers direct-replacement passenger controls that allow functionality through discrete logic and no software. The solution is designed to reduce labour and often eliminate the need for any cabin woodwork that would typically be required when replacing existing components with a third-party solution. Cadence achieves this by offering an array of customised switch panel design options to meet the specific requirements of each aircraft.

The foundation for Cadence is modular, discrete switch assemblies. The modules range from one to six positions, including USB charging; HDMI port; Bluetooth interface; and ordinance signage. Cadence is compatible with the aircraft’s existing CMS and IFE system. Cadence TSO-approved products are intended to simplify the certification process for MROs engaged in cabin retrofit solutions. Alto defines this as maintaining ‘fit compatibility’. Cadence switch panels are also designed to be flexible, allowing the design of custom bezels and solutions when needed for atypical systems or special missions.

“This is a remarkable milestone for Alto,” said Kevin Hayes, VP of sales and marketing at Alto Aviation. “I thank all our authorised dealers worldwide for their continued trust, partnership and support in selecting Cadence for their IFE/CMS upgrades and allowing us to achieve this amazing company milestone, surpassing 525 Cadence customised installations on unique serial numbers. Our customers inspire us to continue expanding our portfolio to customise passenger and crew controls that provide them with easy and fast installations and unrivalled performance.”

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