Lighter, more flexible veneer unveiled by Booth


UTC Aerospace Systems’ Booth Veneers division has launched the FLite product range, which includes FLiteFlex and AlumiFLite. The products are designed to answer customer demand for lighter, more flexible and less flammable veneers.

FLiteFlex is a two-ply product engineered to provide a greater balance of thermal and mechanical properties through its proprietary combination of face veneer and synthetic substrate. This patent-pending technology makes FLiteFlex nearly 60% lighter than existing Booth Veneers products, which can add up to 500 lb weight savings, depending on the aircraft size and the amount of veneer used. Booth says the burn-resistant substrate is thinner, more durable and offers increased flexibility, with the ability to bend around radii.

Meanwhile, AlumiFLite is a three-ply product consisting of a face veneer, an aluminum core and poplar backer. Booth says AlumiFLite provides increased flexibility and is up to 40% lighter per shipset than traditional three-ply veneers. To better maintain the wood’s natural finish, the face veneer is chemical free, requiring no fire-retardant chemicals. There are two thickness options for the aluminum core.

Both FLiteFlex and AlumiFLite are available in Booth’s familiar wood options.

“After several years of research and development, Booth Veneers is excited to announce the launch of our FLite series,” said Joshua Florio, general manager at Booth Veneers. “These advanced technology products leverage patent-pending technology to provide weight savings of up to 40-60% compared with our current offerings.”

June 7, 2018

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