Girls in Aviation Day set to inspire next generation of females in STEM and aviation


Annual outreach event Girls in Aviation Day (GIAD) will this year take place at Atlantic Aviation’s Northeast Philadelphia Airport (PNE). The event, organized by nonprofit Aviation Influence, Inc. (AVi), aims to inspire the next generation of females in aviation, and aligns with the Greater Delaware Valley on bringing more aerospace opportunities to the region.

 Nearly 800 guests are expected to attend 2023’s GIAD, and they will enjoy a plethora of aerial displays, activities, special surprises, and science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) exhibits. Top sponsors for this year’s event are The Boeing Company with presenting sponsors Philadelphia International Airport, Philadelphia Northeast Airport, Leonardo, CHUBB, Clay Lacy Aviation, Aviation Institute of Maintenance, FunD Av Consulting, Pilot Institute, Influential Drones, Civil Air Patrol, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and WAI corporate member and venue host, Atlantic Aviation.

 “The underrepresentation of girls and women in STEM fields is a global challenge,” said Michele Hengey, Boeing Global Engagement Community Investor. “Boeing invests in young women in STEM to encourage top talent to join the engineering and aerospace industries. GIAD and this partnership with Aviation Influence, Inc. allows Boeing to reach as many young girls in our communities as possible. We want them to know they are the future of the aerospace industry and to aim high as they consider this important career pathway.”

The event takes place on Saturday, September 23 and opens to registered attendees at 11:00 a.m. Girls ages 8-17 are encouraged to attend and will have a chance to interact, learn from and engage with influential women across aviation, notably a Tuskegee Nurse, airline and corporate pilots, engineers, air traffic controllers and dispatchers, wildlife experts, drone pilots and cadets from the Civil Air Patrol, to name a few.

“This event holds great significance as it empowers young girls to dream big and break barriers in the aviation industry,” said Nikki Marenic, PNE’s airport operations officer. “We believe that diversity and inclusivity are vital for the growth and progress of any industry, and we are proud to be part of an initiative that encourages girls to pursue their passions fearlessly.”

GIAD aims to address the aviation workforce shortage by introducing young women to careers in STEM and their role in aviation. Over the last four years, Aviation Influence has worked tirelessly to provide more access and scholarships for young people to enter the sector, specifically in STEM and aviation fields.

“We’re thrilled to fulfill our promise to the Philadelphia area and bring GIAD to PNE this year,” shared Lyndse Costabile sponsor of the event and co-founder of the event’s organizer, Aviation Influence, Inc. “Last year, our GIAD event produced more than $12,000 in scholarships, and we expect to exceed that figure this year. We are grateful to our partners and hosts for stepping up in 2023, bringing impact and excitement to young ladies planning to attend.”

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