Jet Aviation Basel unveils dishwasher for all aircraft types


Jet Aviation Basel has developed a plug-and-play advanced aviation dishwasher (ADW), which is available in various sizes to fit all galleys. It has a three-minute wash cycle and requires three liters of water. Jet Aviation Basel says the ADW is qualified for taxi, take-off and landing with up to 20kg of dishes inside. Depending on the size selected, the dishwasher weighs upward of 60kg.

The dishwasher is designed with an integrated drip pan. Jet Aviation Basel also says the product utilizes a quick connection system and its front is customizable. It can be installed during scheduled maintenance or combined with other refurbishments, modifications or upgrades at Jet Aviation Basel.

“The ADW is a very robust dishwasher inspired by a model used in the ETA German railway cars that we developed in line with published EASA [European Aviation Safety Agency] design and performance standards for aircraft galley equipment, as well as Airbus and Boeing specifications,” said Matthias Mueller, project manager for cabin modifications and upgrades at Jet Aviation Basel.

“Traditional industrial dishwashers have a short wash cycle but tend to use chemicals that are too corrosive for use in aircraft. Our state-of-the-art ADW dishwasher is compatible with an eco-friendly soap that is gentle enough for the most delicate dishes.”

“The ADW significantly reduces the number of dishes required on board, provides additional storage space and can even be used to heat up dishes before serving meals,” said Johannes Turzer, vice president and general manager at the Basel Maintenance Center. “Most importantly, it frees cabin attendants from sundry chores so they can spend more time focusing on the needs of their guests.”

May 22, 2015

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